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Art Directors (A-Z)






http://www.twitter.com/gizmodesign - Print, web and email designer in Chicago. Networking addict.


Copywriters (A-Z)

http://twitter.com/guruofnew -- Sarah Browne, freelance copywriter + name/idea generation + ghost blogger -(blog)

http://twitter.com/KariRippetoe - Kari Rippetoe - Online Marketer, Content Manager, Freelance Copywriter (blog)

ttp://twitter.com/kingofcopy - Craig Garber, kingofcopy.com

http://twitter.com/karls_mlab - Karl Schmieder - Direct Mail, Online Marketing, Life Sciences, Medical and Pharma

http://twitter.com/MisterBoh - David Beaudouin/ DB+C

http://twitter.com/tracyneedham - Tracy Needham, Direct Response Copywriter & Marketing Coach (website)


Creative Directors (A-Z)

http://twitter.com/itajkim-- Joanne Kim, Executive Creative Director/Marcus Thomas, Cleveland, OH (http://www.marcusthomasllc.com)


Planners (A-Z)

http://twitter.com/brentter - Brent Terrazas - (blog)



http://twitter.com/iancapstick - Ian Capstick, MediaStyle.ca 


AEs (A-Z)


http://twitter.com/RedGrey_Jeremy -- Jeremy J. Dodd, RedGrey Concepts, Seattle, WA - Creative Direction, Media Production & Planning (blog, company, LinkedIn)

http://twitter.com/omgzam Media & Communication student with a burning passion for social media, design, technology, advertising, public relations & coffee








http://twitter.com/shotgunconcepts - Chris Houchens - (marketing speaker) (blog)

http://twitter.com/johncapo - Entertainment Publicist


Production (A-Z)

http://twitter.com/RedGrey_Jeremy -- Jeremy J. Dodd, RedGrey Concepts, Seattle, WA - Creative Direction, Media Production & Planning (blog, company, LinkedIn)


Interactive Advertising (A-Z)

http://twitter.com/djm0ther - Freddie Laker (blog)

http://twitter.com/AdamBoettiger - Adam Boettiger

http://twitter.com/bitpakkit - Ben Watson (blog)

http://twitter.com/PeterBray - Peter Bray (blog)

http://twitter.com/brentter - Brent Terrazas - (blog)

http://twitter.com/weave - Eric Weaver - (blog)

http:twitter.com/guruofnew -- Sarah Browne - (blog)

http://twitter.com/abbyroad - Abby Hawkins (blog)

http://twitter.com/josephmcerloy - Joseph Franklyn McElroy (corporate)

http://twitter.com/jmacofearth - John McElhenney (blog)

http://twitter.com/copelandcasati - Copeland Casati Media

http://twitter.com/shannonkin - Shannon Kinney

http://twitter.com/tinsleyadv - Tinsley Advertising

http://twitter.com/szetela - David Szetela (http://www.clixmarketing.com)

http://twitter.com/RedGrey_Jeremy -- Jeremy J. Dodd, RedGrey Concepts, Seattle, WA - Creative Direction, Media Production & Planning (blog, company, LinkedIn)

http://twitter.com/MichelleMMM - Michelle McCormack (blog)

http://twitter.com/zenoandrew - Andrew Foray, Zeno Ads, Beaverton, OR


Social Advertisement (A-Z)

http://twitter.com/moreonion - Florian Engel, working for non-profit organisations only



http://twitter.com/wendyscherer - Wendy Goldman Scherer - (blog)

http://twitter.com/josephmcerloy - Joseph Franklyn McElroy (blog)

http://twitter.com/guruofnew -- Sarah Browne + Social Media Researcher

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Recruiters for Advertising Agencies (A-Z)




http://twitter.com/brant_kelsey (interactive, branding)

http://twitter.com/corbett3000 (interactive, brand)

http://twitter.com/karls_mlab (branding, naming, communications)


Search Engine Marketing / Search Engine Optimization

http://twitter.com/george_revutsky--George Revutsky, ROI.works Search Marketing, Inc. (www.roiworks.comLinkedin) 

http://twitter.com/areawebsolution - Area Web Solutions (http://www.areawebsolutions.com/

http://twitter.com/garrettpierson - Garrett Pierson (http://www.garrettpierson.com)

http://twitter.com/graywolf - Michael Gray (http://www.wolf-howl.com/)

http://twitter.com/dannysullivan - Danny Sullivan (http://daggle.com/)

http://twitter.com/leeodden - Lee Odden (http://toprankblog.com/)

http://twitter.com/cshel - Carolyn Shelby (http://www.cshel.com/)

http://twitter.com/DanteMonteverde/ - Dante Monteverde (http://www.spiderbait.com/)

http://twitter.com/sengineland - Search Engine Land (http://searchengineland.com/)

http://twitter.com/vanessafox - Vanessa Fox (http://www.ninebyblue.com/)

http://twitter.com/Fitz - John Fitzsimmons (http://twitter.com/SEOTip)

http://twitter.com/jessicabowman - Jessica Bowman (http://www.jessicabowmanseo.com/)

http://twitter.com/seomoz - SEOmoz (http://twitter.com/seomoz)

http://twitter.com/UtahSEOpro - jordan kasteler (http://www.jordankasteler.com/utah-seo-pro-blog/)

http://twitter.com/briancarter - Brian Carter (http://www.google.com/s2/profiles/116080408327269479217)

http://twitter.com/scottpolk - Scott Polk (http://www.scottpolk.com/)

http://twitter.com/sagerock - Sage Lewis (http://www.sagerock.com/)

http://twitter.com/lauralippay - Laura Lippay (http://www.lauralippay.com/)

http://twitter.com/LisaBarone - Lisa Barone (http://www.webuildpages.com/blog)

http://twitter.com/BrentDPayne - Brent D. Payne (http://www.brentdavidpayne.com/)

http://twitter.com/mmcdonald - Michael McDonald (http://www.webpronews.com/)

http://twitter.com/aaronwall - Aaron Wall (http://www.seobook.com/)

http://twitter.com/incrediblehelp - Jaan Kanellis (http://www.jaankanellis.com/)

http://twitter.com/davesnyder - David Snyder (http://www.snydeysense.com/)

http://twitter.com/KevinMRyan - Kevin Ryan (http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=565838624)

http://twitter.com/amandaw - Amanda Watlington (http://www.searchingforprofit.com/)

http://twitter.com/sitelogic - Matt Bailey (http://www.sitelogicmarketing.com/)

http://twitter.com/seosmarty - Ann Smarty (http://www.seosmarty.com/)

http://twitter.com/DaveNaylor - Dave Naylor (http://www.davidnaylor.co.uk/)

http://twitter.com/sugarrae - Rae Hoffman (http://www.sugarrae.com/)

http://twitter.com/copelandcasati - Copeland Casati Media (http://www.copelandcasati.com)

http://twitter.com/szetela - David Szetela (http://www.clixmarketing.com)

http://twitter.com/wfcadigital - UK top 30 agency Digital Media strategies, planning, buying & reporting (http://www.wfca.co.uk)

http://twitter.com/dericloh  - Deric Loh (http://www.rock-your-boat.blogspot.com)












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