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Links to Global Professional Twitters for ESL/EFL/ESP Learners & Teachers


Social Media Academy

http://twitter.com/SoMediaAcademy -- Founder of Social Media Academy


ESL/EFL Professional Networks & Communities:

https://twitter.com/webheads (K12, college & unviersity)

https://twitter.com/web2foresp08 (Higher Education)

http://twitter.com/metaweb20 (Mexico English Teachers' Alliance: META)

http://twitter.com/esljobproject (ESL/EFL Teaching jobs in Asia )



ESL/EFL/ESP Twitters:



Educators on Twitter


(See also http://twitter4teachers.pbwiki.com/)


High School


http://twitter.com/marthamath (algebra teacher)

http://twitter.com/butwait (college counselor)

http://twitter.com/gnatpack (college guidance)

http://twitter.com/booktwits (book clubs and literacy)

http://twitter.com/jeffwolfsberg (alcohol and other drug prevention)

http://twitter.com/kchichester (Special Ed and English Language Arts)

https://twitter.com/EduFilmFestival (Minnesota's Statewide Film Festival for high School Filmmakers)


Middle School

http://twitter.com/ajukes66 (reading and technology)

http://twitter.com/d_tremblay (math, science, technology, computer science, history and geography)


Elementary School








http://twitter.com/Activated (Roadschoolers)

http://twitter.com/guruofnew  eLearning innovation and trends, blog, guruofnew.com

http://twitter.com/soultravelers3 ( round-the-world road schoolers)


Higher Ed


http://twitter.com/wgraziadei - Bill Graziadei, Ph.D., State University of New York (SUNY) Professor Emeritus & (e)Learning Consultant for details see http://wgraziadei.home.comcast.net/WGraziadei.htm

Special Education

http://twitter.com/bwwojci (assistive technology specialist)

http://twitter.com/gustavus - Gustavus Adolphus College - Gustavus TwitterPack

http://twitter.com/intstudent - International Student and Study Abroad Help and Advice

http://twitter.com/shortNtweet - Randall Short, Tokyo Christian University, ACTS-es Program Coordinator

http://twitter.com/TonioDeSorrento - Tonio DeSorrento, education finance and financial aid attorney


Educational Technology Links

http://twitter.com/mschumann - e-Learning Developer, founder of Edutagger

http://twitter.com/guruofnew -   eLearning innovation and trends, blog, guruofnew.com





https://twitter.com/EduFilmFestival - Minnesota's Statewide Film Festival for high School Filmmakers



College Students

http://twitter.com/maeganometry - Math P.H.D.

http://twitter.com/davidgiesberg - Computer Engineering, UTexas '08

http://twitter.com/worldharmony "nontraditional" doctoral/ph.D students

http://twitter.com/nathanjenkins - Schulich School of Business, BBA '10, Toronto, Canada

http://twitter.com/lunsh - Computer Science, University of Texas '09


Professional Development for Online Teaching and Learning

http://twitter.com/spanish_online - Learn Spanish with interesting video lessons.

http://twitter.com/vtamethodman - Twitter base for vtamethod.com where we sell ivy league phd tutors to uni students



http://twitter.com/guruofnew - eLearning innovation and trends, blog, guruofnew.com




http://twitter.com/AxelS -- Social Media Academy

http://twitter.com/fisher1000 -- Blog: Digigogy

http://twitter.com/MeriWalker - Effective Use of Virtual Classrooms/Meeting Rooms

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Education Related Topics


Future of Education/Strategy/Ed Reform

http://twitter.com/srdill (www.allnewpubliceducation.com)


Education in Developing Countries

http://twitter.com/glfceo (www.educationdevelopingcountries.com)


Early Childhood Education

http://twitter.com/TracyZimmerman Sharing early childhood development information. Comm. Dir. for Smart Start.


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