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Twitter Packs is a place to get a starting idea of who on Twitter posts about what. Come in, look around!  Once we get all of this nasty spam taken care of you can add your name where it makes sense, and help out.


A Quick Set of "Guidelines"


  • Wikis are editable pages that YOU create. This started from nothing on January 28th, 2008.
  • No one is "forgotten" or "left out" anything. You just haven't added it yet.
  • With administrator permission, YOU can edit this. You have the power and so do the spammers.
  • Click edit on the page, type in "project" and you've got the same power as anyone else.
  • If you see a list that you think is fitting, feel free to add your name.
  • If you want to recommend someone for a list, feel free to add his or her name. (This, obviously, has more chance for abuse. Please help police this.)
  • The basic idea is to give people a starter point to add people on Twitter that they might find interesting.
  • There is no one authority. If you've clicked Edit, you have the same power as everyone else.


LET'S KEEP THINGS OBJECTIVE. Lists that make a value judgment (funny, beautiful, etc) mean that feelings can get hurt. By topic? If someone doesn't want to be in a certain topic, they'll move themselves. It's okay.





Please check the sidebar for other categories.


See also: Twitter Pack Map.


Twitter Pack Tools


Autopack - Follow or unfollow users based on Twitter Packs.


Twitter Tools - Useful Twitter clients, sites and tools for getting the most out of your twitter experience.


Who are you Elsewhere?


Want to link your identity to other platforms, like your blog, facebook, etc?


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MattJhsn said

at 6:46 pm on Mar 2, 2022

twitterpacks - http://twitterpacks.pbworks.com/ - an idea whose time has passed I suppose. The space was abandoned quite a while ago, so I asked for ownership of this area to be a public guardian.

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