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Who's going to meshU and the mesh conference?


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Leave your Twitter ID, name and whatever other information you'd like!


Remember to tag your tweets with #mesh08 (The assumption is that leaving out the '08' part will mix this conference chatter with stuff about Ray Ozzie & Microsoft)




meshU Toronto, Canada May 20, 2008


@mathewi - Mathew Ingram

@sylc - Simon Chen

@christaggart - Chris Taggart

@ryanmaule - Ryan Maule

@motionblur - Chris Luckhardt



mesh conference Toronto, Canada May 21 & 22, 2008


@sylc - Simon Chen

@krismausser - Kristina Mausser

@giggey - Veronica Giggey

@jaywest - Jay West

@mathewi - Mathew Ingram

@melgallant - Melany Gallant

@ccarmichael - Colin Carmichael

@christaggart - Chris Taggart

@ryanmaule - Ryan Maule

@jameskoole - James Koole

@motionblur - Chris Luckhardt

@balleyne - Blaise Alleyne

@Guin - Guinevere Orvis

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