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PackRat on Facebook

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This wiki is dedicated to the game PackRat, created by the awesome people over at Alamofire. It's a social game built on the Facebook Platform. Players collect virtual cards and put them in their vault before their friends steal them. The employees from Alamofire and the PackRat Rats are on Twitter. Here are the links to follow them. 


PackRatTracker - http://twitter.com/packrattracker

Daily Squeaker - http://twitter.com/DailySqueaker

Josh Williams Founder of Alamofire - http://twitter.com/jw

IconMaster - http://twitter.com/iconmaster

Scott Raymond Dev at Alamofire - http://twitter.com/sco

Brian Bailey - http://twitter.com/bb

Keegan Jones - http://twitter.com/keeg

John Critz -  http://twitter.com/critzjm

Sandi Weldon - http://twitter.com/SanLei

Jonathan Carroll - http://twitter.com/joncarroll

Adam McManus - http://twitter.com/amcmanus

Ratina Triumph - http://twitter.com/ratinatriumph

Rattori Hanzo - http://twitter.com/rattorihanzo

Princess Cinderatta - http://twitter.com/cinderatta

Ratty Crocker -  http://twitter.com/Ratty_Crocker

Rat Cassidy - http://twitter.com/RatCassidy

Skaars - http://twitter.com/skaars


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