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Public Media

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Public Media


Public Radio People Pack


http://twitter.com/acarvin - Andy Carvin, social media strategist at NPR

http://twitter.com/adamjmartin - Adam Martin, NPR Digital Media

http://twitter.com/adnaanwasey - Adnaan Wasey, Web Editor, The Takeaway

http://twitter.com/amywoo - Amy Wielunski, Membership Director, 89.7 WTMD

http://twitter.com/andrewgill - Andrew Gill, web producer, WBEZ Chicago Public Radio

http://twitter.com/andrewphelps - Andrew Phelps, web editor, WBUR

http://twitter.com/allsongs - Bob Boilen, host, All Songs Considered

http://twitter.com/aschweig - Adam Schweigert, Online Director WFIU/WTIU

http://twitter.com/awaltersNPR - Amy Walters, NPR West field producer

http://twitter.com/bcarlson33 - Brady Carlson, webmaster for New Hampshire Public Radio

http://twitter.com/blettenberger - Becky Lettenberger, NPR Knight digital training program

http://twitter.com/bcollinsmn - Bob Collins, blogger, Minnesota Public Radio's News Cut

http://twitter.com/brendanhgreeley - Brendan Greeley, former blogger-in-chief, Radio Open Source

http://twitter.com/brianlehrer - Brian Lehrer, host, The Brian Lehrer Show

http://twitter.com/carigervin_MPB - Cari Gervin, reporter for Mississippi Public Broadcasting

http://twitter.com/christophjoyce - Christopher Joyce, NPR science correspondent 

http://twitter.com/cshepherd - Carrie Shepherd, Web Producer, WBEZ Chicago Public Radio

http://twitter.com/CAWilloughby - Cheryl Willoughby, Dir. of Music Programming, Vermont Public Radio

http://twitter.com/ChicagoRadio Nicole Cabell, Host of Chicago Radio Live,  http://www.facebook.com/chicagoradio

http://twitter.com/CNCPundit - Melinda Wittstock, Capitol News Connection, Washington DC

http://twitter.com/craigrosa - Craig Rosa, KQED

http://twitter.com/daghtcom - Deborah Frazier, Assistant General Manager, WKSU, Kent, OH

http://twitter.com/danielschorr - Daniel Schorr, NPR senior news analyst

http://twitter.com/darrenmauro - Darren Mauro, director, NPR.org User Experience Team

http://twitter.com/davidfolkenflik - David Folkenflik, NPR media correspondent

http://twitter.com/diantha - Diantha Parker, Reporter, WBEZ Chicago Public Radio

http://twitter.com/dickknox - Dick Knox, NPR science and health correspondent

http://twitter.com/dkalish - Dana Kalish, NPR Corporate Sponsorship, Digital Media

http://twitter.com/dnklatt - David Klatt, Reporter, WAMU, Washington, DC

http://twitter.com/donderheim - Don Derheim, KQED Exec

http://twitter.com/drspace - Stephen Hill, producer, Hearts of Space

http://twitter.com/elmartinez Matt Martinez, former sr. supervising producer, Bryant Park Project

http://twitter.com/ericnuzum - Eric Nuzum, NPR Programming

https://twitter.com/eyderp - Eyder Peralta, NPR social media desk

http://twitter.com/fakenpr - FakeNPR, not NPR but still entertaining site to

http://twitter.com/Felling - Kyle Felling, Assistant Program Director, KBIA 91.3 FM, Columbia, MO

http://twitter.com/fiona_ritchie - Fiona Ritchie, NPR's The Thistle & Shamrock http://www.facebook.com/Fiona.Ritchie.Productions

http://twitter.com/fultonhere - April Fulton, health editor, NPR science desk

http://twitter.com/glennf - Glenn Fleishman, weekly technology contributor to Sound Focus, KUOW 94.9, Seattle, WA

http://twitter.com/grantbarrett - Grant Barrett, co-host/producer, A Way with Words

http://twitter.com/gallafent - Alex Gallafent, reporter/producer, PRI's The World

http://twitter.com/gboone42 - Freelance Documentarian/Host of Aural Fixation, KGSM  Radio

http://twitter.com/gbullard - Gabe Bullard, WFPL 89.3, Louisville, KY

http://twitter.com/GPublic - Graham Smith, All Things Considered

http://twitter.com/haarsager - Dennis Haarsager, former NPR interim CEO

http://twitter.com/hardtke - Joe Hardtke, Technical Director and Producer

http://twitter.com/huntac - Anthony Hunt, WVPE Station Manager, Elkhart / South Bend, IN

http://twitter.com/idislikestephen - Stephen Thompson, NPR Music

http://twitter.com/imrefitos - Imre Fitos, VP of Technology, Public Interactive

http://twitter.com/intheloop - Jeff Horwich, host of Minnesota Public Radio's "In the Loop"

http://twitter.com/jasongeorges - Jason Georges, KPCC

http://twitter.com/javaun - Javaun Moradi, NPR Digital Media

http://twitter.com/jeanettedrew - WLRN - Host - Sounds of the Caribbean

http://twitter.com/jebsharp - Jeb Sharp, reporter PRI's The World

http://twitter.com/jmcmellen - John McMellen, KSMU, Ozarks Public Broadcasting

http://twitter.com/jmproffitt - John Proffitt, formerly with KSKA-FM / KAKM-TV / APRN, now at Gravity Medium

http://twitter.com/JoeGoetz - Joe Goetz, Vermont Public Radio classical music host

http://twitter.com/joegraedon - Joe Graedon, co-host, The People's Pharmacy

http://twitter.com/joepalca - Joe Palca, NPR science correspondent

http://twitter.com/johnbarth - John Barth, PRX

http://twitter.com/johnmoe - John Moe, American Public Media, former host of Weekend America

http://twitter.com/johnpemble - John Pemble, Iowa Public Radio Program Producer

http://twitter.com/johntynan - John Tynan, KJZZ, Phoenix, AZ

http://twitter.com/jonathanpb - Jonathan Butler, VPR Online Manager

http://twitter.com/joshandrews - Josh Andrews, Director of Internet Strategy, WBEZ, Chicago

http://twitter.com/jonforeman - Jon Foreman, NPR Digital Media

http://twitter.com/jongordon - Jon Gordon, American Public Media/Future Tense

http://twitter.com/dyerworld - Jonathan Dyer, Managing Editor, PRI's The World

http://twitter.com/jps99jps99 - Jonathan Smith, producer - The Diane Rehm Show

http://twitter.com/jsheppa - Joseph Sheppa, Interactive Content Manager, WVIZ/PBS & 90.3 WCPN ideastream

http://twitter.com/jsmith1579 - Jillian Shepherd, Marketing and Membership, WBEZ, Chicago

http://twitter.com/juliaschrenkler - Julia Schrenkler, American Public Media

http://twitter.com/NPRKate - Kate Myers, Product Manager NPR

http://twitter.com/kengeorge - Ken George, WBUR, Boston

http://twitter.com/kenrudin - Ken Rudin, NPR political editor and Political Junkie blogger

http://twitter.com/kensmith - Ken Smith, Michiana Chronicles commentary series, WVPE, Elkhart, Indiana

http://twitter.com/khopper - Keith Hopper, Public Interactive / NPR, Creator @NPRbackstory

http://twitter.com/keithneisler - Keith Neisler, Station Manager, KIOS Omaha Public Radio

http://twitter.com/kpav- Kathleen Pavelko, CEO, WITF/Harrisburg, PA

http://twitter.com/kydeejay - Stacy Yelton, Program Director, WUKY, Lexington, KY

http://twitter.com/LauraJSullivan - Laura Sullivan, crime and prisons correspondent, NPR

http://twitter.com/LeeNPR - Lee Hill, Web Producer, Tell Me More

http://twitter.com/LindaStephan - Linda Stephan, Interlochen Public Radio, Traverse City, MI

http://twitter.com/liz_noise - Liz Bustamante, Master Control Engineer, WBEZ Chicago Public Radio

http://twitter.com/lorikaplan - Lori Kaplan, NPR, Audience Insight & Research

http://twitter.com/madcowley - Matt Cowley, WMNF Community Radio

http://twitter.com/markmcdonald - Mark McDonald, Program Director WAMU Washington

http://twitter.com/matthewtift - Matthew Tift, Wisconsin Public Radio

https://twitter.com/MelanieCJ -Melanie Coulson, DEI, Seattle, WA

http://twitter.com/mgallivan - Matt Gallivan, NPR Audience Insight & Research

http://twitter.com/MikeCraneWPR - Mike Crane, COO, Wisconsin Public Radio

http://twitter.com/mksherer - Mary Kay Sherer, Director of Development, Wisconsin Public Radio

http://twitter.com/misterannoying - Jim Nayder, host of the Annoying Music Show!, Chicago Public Radio

http://twitter.com/molsen - Meredith Olsen, NPR digital media sponsorship

http://twitter.com/monkeygrrl - Ann VerWiebe, public relations writer, WKSU/FolkAlley.com

http://twitter.com/mwchurch - Morgan Church, PRI digital

http://twitter.com/myerstim - Tim Myers, Director of Radio, WOUB, Athens, OH

http://twitter.com/nickgnpr Nick Giuliani, NPR online production unit

http://twitter.com/ninjaclectic - Aaron Ginoza, NPR Distribution

http://twitter.com/neocMatt- Matt MacDonald, PRX Technical Projects Director

http://twitter.com/NPRanna - Anna Christopher, NPR communications office

http://twitter.com/NPRdavidgreene - David Greene, correspondent, NPR News

http://twitter.com/NPRLianeHansen - Liane Hansen, Host, Weekend Edition Sunday

http://twitter.com/NPRmonitormix - Carrie Brownstein, NPR Music blogger

http://twitter.com/NPRMorningProd - Tracy Wahl, NPR Morning Edition overnight producer

http://twitter.com/NPRNedWharton - Ned Wharton, producer, Weekend Edition

http://twitter.com/NPRscottsimon - Scott Simon, host, Weekend Edition Saturday

http://twitter.com/oleta - Laura Conaway, producer, Planet Money

http://twitter.com/ombudsman - Alicia Shepard, NPR ombudsman

http://twitter.com/pageanne - Page Anne Smith, NPR Project Manager

http://twitter.com/pbreslow - Peter Breslow, supervising senior producer, Weekend Edition

http://twitter.com/peterbull - Peter Bull, WGBH Online

http://twitter.com/peteroverby - Peter Overby, NPR's power, money and influence correspondent

http://twitter.com/petersagal - Peter Sagal, Host, Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me

http://twitter.com/PhilJohnsonWGBH - Phil Johnson, WGBH Online, http://devblog.wgbh.org

http://twitter.com/posttim - Tim Post, Minnesota Public Radio higher education reporter

http://twitter.com/publicmediagirl - Amanda Hirsch, public media consultant

http://twitter.com/publicmic - Michael Olson, Texas Public Media

http://twitter.com/radiobabe - Andrea Seabrook, Host, Weekend All Things Considered

http://twitter.com/radiosmith - Robert Smith, NPR reporter

http://twitter.com/rgutel - Rene Gutel, reporter/producer, KJZZ, B-Side

http://twitter.com/richban - Rich Baniewicz, WHYY, Philadelphia, PA

http://twitter.com/rlma - Robin Lubbock, WBUR Boston

http://twitter.com/robpatrob - Rob Paterson, public radio consultant

http://twitter.com/robsachs - Rob Sachs, director, Tell Me More

http://twitter.com/romanmars - Roman Mars, indie producer/reporter, KALW, Snap Judgment, PRX, Radio Public, ex-Third Coast

http://twitter.com/sandentotten - Sanden Totten, producer, Minnesota Public Radio's "In the Loop"

http://twitter.com/sarahhandel - Sarah Handel, assistant producer, Talk of the Nation

http://twitter.com/sbridgewater - Scott Bridgewater, NPR Distribution

http://twitter.com/schardt - Sue Schardt, public radio consultant

http://twitter.com/slaufer - Steve Laufer, KUSP

http://twitter.com/stacybond - Stacy Bond, Consulting Producer of Social Media, KQED/KTEH | Exec Director,AudioLuxe

http://twitter.com/StevenEBrown - Steve Brown,  Anchor/Reporter WBUR Boston

http://twitter.com/stifter - Catherine Stifter, independent producer, AIR member, Web/Media Director, http://newroutes.org

http://twitter.com/stumpjumper - Jerry D'Antonio, Dir. Web Technology, WVIZ/PBS & 90.3 WCPN

http://twitter.com/tammyt2u - Tammy Terwelp, programming, WBEZ Chicago Public Radio

http://twitter.com/thanland - Than Tibbetts, online producer, Minnesota Public Radio

http://twitter.com/TBroOnline - Thomas Broadus, Mississippi Public Broadcasting

http://twitter.com/thomaspierce - Thomas Pierce, producer, Weekend Edition

http://twitter.com/timjeby - Tim Eby, General Manager, WOSU, Columbus, OH

http://twitter.com/timo88 - Tim Olson, KQED San Francisco

http://twitter.com/tmnpr - Tony Marcano, Senior Editor, NPR Weekend Edition

http://twitter.com/toddmundt - Todd Mundt, WFPL 89.3, Louisville, KY

http://twitter.com/toddwitter - Todd Witter, Producer, Michael Feldman's Whad'Ya Know?

http://twitter.com/Tom_Godell - Tom Godell, General Manager, WUKY, Lexington, KY

http://twitter.com/tomscheck - Tom Scheck, Minnesota Public Radio, political reporter

http://twitter.com/tomweber_mpr - Tom Weber, Minnesota Public Radio, education reporter

http://twitter.com/totalvibration - Lars Gotrich, producer, NPR Music

http://twitter.com/twotonshoe - Jake Shapiro, Director, PRX

http://twitter.com/wd45 - Clinton Forry, Senior Manager, Interactive Content, PRI

http://twitter.com/worldstechpod - Clark Boyd, technology correspondent & host of the World's Tech Podcast, PRI's The World, Boston.

http://twitter.com/wrightbryan3 - Wright Bryan, producer, NPR.org

http://twitter.com/yangie - Angie Tung, Public Interactive/NPR

http://twitter.com/youngamerican - Jesse Thorn, host, The Sound of Young America

http://twitter.com/zepy12 - Jose A. Fajardo, CEO, WMFE-FM, Orlando, FL

http://twitter.com/bartona104 - Julia Barton, former editor, Weekend America




Public Radio Program/Projects Pack


http://twitter.com/848 - Eight Forty-Eight, WBEZ/Chicago's News and Culture Magazine

http://twitter.com/airmedia - The Association of Independents in Radio

http://twitter.com/allsongs - All Songs Considered (Bob Boilen)

http://twitter.com/aroundnoon - Around Noon, WCPN's weekday arts & culture program

http://twitter.com/AskYourLawmaker - Feed of lawmaker answers from Capitol News Connection

http://twitter.com/bayareabites - KQED Public Media's food blog: Culinary Rants & Raves from Bay Area Foodies and Professionals

http://twitter.com/bpp - Bryant Park Project (staff, retired)

http://twitter.com/blogsupreme - NPR Music's A Blog Supreme jazz blog

http://twitter.com/bryantpark - Bryant Park Project (news feed, retired)

http://twitter.com/ChicagoRadio Nicole Cabell, Host of Chicago Radio Live,  http://www.facebook.com/chicagoradio

http://twitter.com/drshow - The Diane Rehm Show

http://twitter.com/eartheats - Earth Eats: Real Food, Green Living (producers and WFIU staff)

http://twitter.com/ethergame - Ether Game - Your daily dose of musical fun and frustrain (WFIU)

http://twitter.com/heartsofspace -green nail  Hearts of Space news feed

http://twitter.com/hereonearthshow - Here on Earth: Radio Without Borders

http://twitter.com/KQED_arts - KQED arts blog and events

http://twitter.com/KQED_CapNotes - Capitol notes: CA Politics from KQED Public Radio and The California Report

http://twitter.com/KQEDFood - KQED Public Media's Food Section

http://twitter.com/KQEDScience - KQED Public Media’s science and environmental coverage from Climate Watch, QUEST and more.

http://twitter.com/KQED_Spark - Spark presents Bay Area artists and arts organizations on KQED.

http://twitter.com/MichChronicles - Michiana Chronicles commentary series, WVPE, Elkhart, Indiana

http://twitter.com/NPRMonkeySee - NPR's Monkey See blog (pop culture)

http://twitter.com/nightlights - Night Lights Classic Jazz (David Brent Johnson, WFIU)

http://twitter.com/npr - Not really active yet, but you never know what we'll end up doing with it

http://twitter.com/npr2way - The Two-Way, NPR's news blog

http://twitter.com/npratc - NPR's All Things Considered

http://twitter.com/nprbackstory - Experimental mashup that digs through the NPR archives to unearth the backstory on trending topics

http://twitter.com/NPRevents - Announcements of upcoming NPR events

http://twitter.com/NPRhealth - NPR health coverage

http://twitter.com/NPRinterns - Intern Edition is an on-going project to develop the next generation of radio and multimedia producers.

http://twitter.com/nprknights - a rotating group of NPR journalists participating in the NPR/Knight Foundation digital media training program

http://twitter.com/nprlibrary - NPR's library

http://twitter.com/nprlive - occasionally used for covering live events, like the Oscars

http://twitter.com/nprnews - NPR News breaking news headlines

http://twitter.com/nprpictureshow - The Picture Show, NPR's photo blog

http://twitter.com/nprpolitics - NPR Politics: News Coverage and Conversation

http://twitter.com/nprresearch - NPR's Audience Insight & Research group

http://twitter.com/NPRWeekend - NPR Weekend Edition

http://twitter.com/OnPointRadio - NPR On Point

http://twitter.com/PeoplesPharmacy - The People's Pharmacy

http://twitter.com/planetmoney - NPR's global economy initiative, Planet Money

http://twitter.com/pritheworld - PRI's The World

http://twitter.com/PRI - PRI Public Radio International's tweets

http://twitter.com/PRX - New Pieces on PRX, Public Radio Exchange

http://twitter.com/PRX_On_Air - Pieces bought on PRX, Public Radio Exchange

http://twitter.com/PublicMediaNews - Public Interactive - NewsRoom

http://twitter.com/radiom - Radio M, music program, WBEZ Chicago Public Radio

http://twitter.com/radiopublic - The very best of public radio, in blog form

http://twitter.com/radiosweetheart - Radio Sweethearts blog

http://twitter.com/scifri - NPR Science Friday

http://twitter.com/soundofideas - The Sound of Ideas, WCPN's weekday news and affairs program

http://twitter.com/the_takeaway - The Takeaway, morning news, analysis and conversation from PRI and WNYC Radio

http://twitter.com/totn - Talk of the Nation

http://twitter.com/wayword - A Way with Words, public radio's show about words, language, and how we use them

http://twitter.com/wyk Michael Feldman's Whad'Ya Know? (staff)


Public Radio Station Pack


http://twitter.com/aprn - Alaska Public Radio Network (news feed)

http://twitter.com/kgsm - KGSM  Radio at Gustavus Adolphus College

http://twitter.com/kpbsnews - KPBS, San Diego, CA

http://twitter.com/kpcc - KPCC 89.3, Southern California

http://twitter.com/kqed - KQED, San Francisco, CA

http://twitter.com/kras - Canada, Ontario, CA

http://twitter.com/kska - KSKA, Anchorage, AK

http://twitter.com/kued - KUED, Salt Lake City, UT

http://twitter.com/ksmu - KSMU, Springfield, MO

http://twitter.com/kvpr - KVPR/KPRX Fresno/Bakersfield, CA , listen to news about

http://twitter.com/kwmu - KWMU, St. Louis, MO

http://twitter.com/MPBNews Maine Public Broadcasting Network

http://twitter.com/MPR - Minnesota Public Radio, 91.1 KNOW in Minneapolis-St. Paul

http://twitter.com/nhpr - New Hampshire Public Radio

http://twitter.com/radiok - Radio K (KUOM), student-run radio station of the University of Minnesota

http://twitter.com/TheCurrent - 89.3 The Current from Minnesota Public Radio

http://twitter.com/VPRnet Vermont Public Radio

http://twitter.com/wamu885 - WAMU 88.5, Washington DC

http://twitter.com/wbur - WBUR, Boston

http://twitter.com/wbez - WBEZ Chicago

http://twitter.com/WEMUJazz - WEMU 89.1, Ypsilanti, MI

http://twitter.com/whyy - WHYY, Philadelphia, PA

http://twitter.com/wfiu - WFIU Bloomington, Indiana

http://twitter.com/wfiuarts - WFIU Arts (David Wood) Bloomington, Indiana

http://twitter.com/wfplnews - WFPL 89.3, Louisville, KY

http://twitter.com/wlrn - WLRN - Miami, FL

http://twitter.com/wmnf - WMNF Tampa

http://twitter.com/wmfeorlando - WMFE-FM, Orlando, FL

http://twitter.com/wosu - WOSU, Columbus, OH

http://twitter.com/wtmd - WTMD 89.7 Towson, MD

http://twitter.com/wvclassical - Classical Music on West Virginia Public Radio

http://twitter.com/WCPN - 90.3 WCPN ideastream, Cleveland, OH 

http://twitter.com/woub - WOUB, Athens, OH

http://twitter.com/wordofmouth - Word of Mouth from New Hampshire Public Radio

http://twitter.com/wispublictv - Wisconsin Public Television

http://twitter.com/wpr - Wisconsin Public Radio

http://twitter.com/gosimerwebhost - Web hosting

http://twitter.com/wuky - WUKY, Lexington, KY



Public Television People Pack


http://twitter.com/jdcoffman - Jonathan Coffman, PBS Engage

http://twitter.com/laurensaks - Lauren Saks, PBS Engage

http://twitter.com/nobledrugstore - Jonathan Coffman, PBS Engage

http://twitter.com/amybaroch - Amy Baroch, PBS Engage

http://twitter.com/jharveyrocks  - Jeannine Harvey, PBS Digital Communications

http://twitter.com/kdando - Kevin Dando, PBS Education and Digital Communications

http://twitter.com/KCalhoun - Kristin Calhoun, PBS Station Services

http://twitter.com/CameronNordholm - Cameron Nordholm, PBS Video / COVE

http://twitter.com/joshua - Joshua Kinberg, Product Mgr, PBS Video / COVE 

http://twitter.com/slovato - Silvia Lovato, PBS KIDS

http://twitter.com/missmodular - Nina Walia, PBS KIDS

http://twitter.com/joemiller1010 - Joe Miller, PBS Primetime Publicity and Awards

twitter.com/jalynhenton - Jalyn Henton, PBS

http://twitter.com/jmproffitt - John Proffitt, formerly with KSKA-FM / KAKM-TV / APRN, now at Gravity Medium

http://twitter.com/jonarcher- Jonathan Archer, ITVS

http://twitter.com/tutakalaka - Devon Tutak, PBS KIDS


Public Television Technology People Pack 


http://twitter.com/shawnr - Shawn Rider, PBS TeacherLine

http://twitter.com/nowells - Nowell Strite, PBS TeacherLine

http://twitter.com/ccostino - Carlo Costino, PBS TeacherLine

http://twitter.com/tarequeh - Tareque Hossain, PBS TeacherLine


PBS Show Producers and Personalities Pack 


http://twitter.com/delvina - Theresa Riley, POV

http://twitter.com/cjhee - Catherine Jhee, POV

http://twitter.com/skilmurry - Simon Kilmurry, POV

http://twitter.com/MikeRass - Mike Rass, PRI's The World

http://twitter.com/tavissmiley - Tavis Smiley, host, Tavis Smiley Show 

http://twitter.com/paulsolman - Paul Solman, NewsHour business correspondent

http://twitter.com/annashoup - Anna Shoup, PBS NewsHour


http://twitter.com/annebell - Anne Bell, PBS NewsHour



Public Television Station Employee Pack


http://twitter.com/mjbketc - Mike Bauhof, KETC/St. Louis

http://twitter.com/financecrisis - Ross Rocketto, KETC/St. Louis 

http://twitter.com/jlamsek - Julianne Lamsek, KCTS 9 

http://twitter.com/richban - Rich Baniewicz, WHYY, Philadelphia, PA

http://twitter.com/beemerwreck - Colleen Wilson, KQED Interactive

http://twitter.com/craigrosa - Craig Rosa, KQED Quest

http://twitter.com/donderheim- Don Derheim, KQED, San Francisco 

http://twitter.com/emilyj82 - Emily Rowlands, WPSU

http://twitter.com/jonathanpb - Jonathan Butler, VPR Online Manager

http://twitter.com/lcaloh - Leng Caloh, Convergence Editor, KPBS

http://twitter.com/peterbull - Peter Bull, WGBH Online

http://twitter.com/jsheppa - Joseph Sheppa, Interactive Content Manager, WVIZ/PBS & 90.3 WCPN ideastream

http://twitter.com/stumpjumper - Jerry D'Antonio, WVIZ/PBS & 90.3 WCPN ideastream

http://twitter.com/tbroonline - Thomas Broadus, Mississippi Public Broadcasting



Public Television Program Pack


http://twitter.com/Newshour - PBS NewsHour

http://twitter.com/povdocs - POV (Staff Chat and Blog Updates)

http://twitter.com/wvizauction - WVIZ/PBS ideastream Televised Auction


Public Television Station Pack


KAKM, Anchorage, AK http://twitter.com/kakm

KCTS, Seattle, WA  http://twitter.com/kcts9

KERA, Dallas http://twitter.com/keratx

KETC, St. Louis, MO http://twitter.com/ketc

KLRN, San Antonio http://twitter.com/klrn

KQED, San Francisco, CA http://twitter.com/kqed

Louisiana Public Broadcasting http://twitter.com/lpborg/

Mississippi Public Broadcasting http://twitter.com/mpbonline

WHYY, Philadelphia, PA http://twitter.com/whyy

WPTO/WPTD, Dayton/Oxford, OH http://twitter.com/thinktv

WSRE, Pensacola, FL http://twitter.com/WSRE

KLRU, Austin, TX http://twitter.com/klru

OPTV, Springfield, MO http://twitter.com/OPTV

UNCTV, North Carolina http://twitter.com/unctv

Wisconsin Public TV http://twitter.com/wispublictv

WOUB, Athens, OH http://twitter.com/woub



Public Media/Social Media People Pack


http://twitter.com/acarvin - Andy Carvin, social media strategist at NPR

http://twitter.com/adnaanwasey - Adnaan Wasey, multimedia producer, The Takeaway

http://twitter.com/aschweig - Adam Schweigert, online director, WFIU

http://twitter.com/bcarlson33 - Brady Carlson, webmaster for New Hampshire Public Radio

http://twitter.com/ChicagoRadio Nicole Cabell, Host of Chicago Radio Live,  http://www.facebook.com/chicagoradio

http://twitter.com/CNCPundit - Melinda Wittstock, CEO/Bureau Chief, Capitol News Connection and Ask Your Lawmaker

http://twitter.com/jdcoffman - Jonathan Coffman, product manager for social media at PBS

http://twitter.com/joshmull - Josh Mull, Contributing Editor for Small World News, Alive in Baghdad

http://twitter.com/juliaschrenkler - Julia Schrenkler, MPR online producer

http://twitter.com/khopper - Keith Hopper, Public Interactive / NPR

http://twitter.com/matthewtift - Matthew Tift, Wisconsin Public Radio

http://twitter.com/mediatwit - Mark Glaser, PBS Media Shift

http://twitter.com/nathangibbs - Nathan Gibbs, Web Producer for KPBS

http://twitter.com/gravitymedium - John Proffitt, Gravity Medium

http://twitter.com/mjanssen, - Mike Janssen, reporter for Current, blogger atScanning the Dial

http://twitter.com/jsheppa - Joseph Sheppa, Interactive Content Manager, WVIZ/PBS & 90.3 WCPN ideastream

http://twitter.com/matthewtift - Matthew Tift, Wisconsin Public Radio online

http://twitter.com/pageanne - Page Anne Smith, NPR Project Manager

http://twitter.com/stacybond - Stacy Bond, Consulting Producer of Social Media, KQED/KTEH | Executive Director,AudioLuxe

http://twitter.com/beyondbroadcast - Jessica Clark, Director, Future of Public Media project, www.centerforsocialmedia.org

http://twitter.com/btrondson - Bob Trondson, Promotion Producer, Wisconsin Public Television

http://twitter.com/anulaaboobacker - Anula Aboobacker, journalist, The New Indian Express

http://twitter.com/yangie - Angie Tung, Public Interactive/NPR

http://twitter.com/christraveler -Freestyle medela tea tree oil toenail fungus



Public Media/Social Media Program Pack


http://twitter.com/AIR_MQ2 - Makers Quests 2.0 from the Association of Independents in Radio

http://twitter.com/AskYourLawmaker - Answers feed from CNC's interactive web widget and service

http://twitter.com/ldonline - WETA LD OnLine    



 PR: wait...  I: wait...  L: wait...  LD: wait...  I: wait... wait...  Rank: wait...  Traffic: wait...  Price: wait...  C: wait... Radyo dinle

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