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Public Radio People Pack - Andy Carvin, social media strategist at NPR - Adam Martin, NPR Digital Media - Adnaan Wasey, Web Editor, The Takeaway - Amy Wielunski, Membership Director, 89.7 WTMD - Andrew Gill, web producer, WBEZ Chicago Public Radio - Andrew Phelps, web editor, WBUR - Bob Boilen, host, All Songs Considered - Adam Schweigert, Online Director WFIU/WTIU - Amy Walters, NPR West field producer - Brady Carlson, webmaster for New Hampshire Public Radio - Becky Lettenberger, NPR Knight digital training program - Bob Collins, blogger, Minnesota Public Radio's News Cut - Brendan Greeley, former blogger-in-chief, Radio Open Source - Brian Lehrer, host, The Brian Lehrer Show - Cari Gervin, reporter for Mississippi Public Broadcasting - Christopher Joyce, NPR science correspondent - Carrie Shepherd, Web Producer, WBEZ Chicago Public Radio - Cheryl Willoughby, Dir. of Music Programming, Vermont Public Radio Nicole Cabell, Host of Chicago Radio Live, - Melinda Wittstock, Capitol News Connection, Washington DC - Craig Rosa, KQED - Deborah Frazier, Assistant General Manager, WKSU, Kent, OH - Daniel Schorr, NPR senior news analyst - Darren Mauro, director, User Experience Team - David Folkenflik, NPR media correspondent - Diantha Parker, Reporter, WBEZ Chicago Public Radio - Dick Knox, NPR science and health correspondent - Dana Kalish, NPR Corporate Sponsorship, Digital Media - David Klatt, Reporter, WAMU, Washington, DC - Don Derheim, KQED Exec - Stephen Hill, producer, Hearts of Space Matt Martinez, former sr. supervising producer, Bryant Park Project - Eric Nuzum, NPR Programming - Eyder Peralta, NPR social media desk - FakeNPR, not NPR but still entertaining site to - Kyle Felling, Assistant Program Director, KBIA 91.3 FM, Columbia, MO - Fiona Ritchie, NPR's The Thistle & Shamrock - April Fulton, health editor, NPR science desk - Glenn Fleishman, weekly technology contributor to Sound Focus, KUOW 94.9, Seattle, WA - Grant Barrett, co-host/producer, A Way with Words - Alex Gallafent, reporter/producer, PRI's The World - Freelance Documentarian/Host of Aural Fixation, KGSM  Radio - Gabe Bullard, WFPL 89.3, Louisville, KY - Graham Smith, All Things Considered - Dennis Haarsager, former NPR interim CEO - Joe Hardtke, Technical Director and Producer - Anthony Hunt, WVPE Station Manager, Elkhart / South Bend, IN - Stephen Thompson, NPR Music - Imre Fitos, VP of Technology, Public Interactive - Jeff Horwich, host of Minnesota Public Radio's "In the Loop" - Jason Georges, KPCC - Javaun Moradi, NPR Digital Media - WLRN - Host - Sounds of the Caribbean - Jeb Sharp, reporter PRI's The World - John McMellen, KSMU, Ozarks Public Broadcasting - John Proffitt, formerly with KSKA-FM / KAKM-TV / APRN, now at Gravity Medium - Joe Goetz, Vermont Public Radio classical music host - Joe Graedon, co-host, The People's Pharmacy - Joe Palca, NPR science correspondent - John Barth, PRX - John Moe, American Public Media, former host of Weekend America - John Pemble, Iowa Public Radio Program Producer - John Tynan, KJZZ, Phoenix, AZ - Jonathan Butler, VPR Online Manager - Josh Andrews, Director of Internet Strategy, WBEZ, Chicago - Jon Foreman, NPR Digital Media - Jon Gordon, American Public Media/Future Tense - Jonathan Dyer, Managing Editor, PRI's The World - Jonathan Smith, producer - The Diane Rehm Show - Joseph Sheppa, Interactive Content Manager, WVIZ/PBS & 90.3 WCPN ideastream - Jillian Shepherd, Marketing and Membership, WBEZ, Chicago - Julia Schrenkler, American Public Media - Kate Myers, Product Manager NPR - Ken George, WBUR, Boston - Ken Rudin, NPR political editor and Political Junkie blogger - Ken Smith, Michiana Chronicles commentary series, WVPE, Elkhart, Indiana - Keith Hopper, Public Interactive / NPR, Creator @NPRbackstory - Keith Neisler, Station Manager, KIOS Omaha Public Radio Kathleen Pavelko, CEO, WITF/Harrisburg, PA - Stacy Yelton, Program Director, WUKY, Lexington, KY - Laura Sullivan, crime and prisons correspondent, NPR - Lee Hill, Web Producer, Tell Me More - Linda Stephan, Interlochen Public Radio, Traverse City, MI - Liz Bustamante, Master Control Engineer, WBEZ Chicago Public Radio - Lori Kaplan, NPR, Audience Insight & Research - Matt Cowley, WMNF Community Radio - Mark McDonald, Program Director WAMU Washington - Matthew Tift, Wisconsin Public Radio -Melanie Coulson, DEI, Seattle, WA - Matt Gallivan, NPR Audience Insight & Research - Mike Crane, COO, Wisconsin Public Radio - Mary Kay Sherer, Director of Development, Wisconsin Public Radio - Jim Nayder, host of the Annoying Music Show!, Chicago Public Radio - Meredith Olsen, NPR digital media sponsorship - Ann VerWiebe, public relations writer, WKSU/ - Morgan Church, PRI digital - Tim Myers, Director of Radio, WOUB, Athens, OH Nick Giuliani, NPR online production unit - Aaron Ginoza, NPR Distribution Matt MacDonald, PRX Technical Projects Director - Anna Christopher, NPR communications office - David Greene, correspondent, NPR News - Liane Hansen, Host, Weekend Edition Sunday - Carrie Brownstein, NPR Music blogger - Tracy Wahl, NPR Morning Edition overnight producer - Ned Wharton, producer, Weekend Edition - Scott Simon, host, Weekend Edition Saturday - Laura Conaway, producer, Planet Money - Alicia Shepard, NPR ombudsman - Page Anne Smith, NPR Project Manager - Peter Breslow, supervising senior producer, Weekend Edition - Peter Bull, WGBH Online - Peter Overby, NPR's power, money and influence correspondent - Peter Sagal, Host, Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me - Phil Johnson, WGBH Online, - Tim Post, Minnesota Public Radio higher education reporter - Amanda Hirsch, public media consultant - Michael Olson, Texas Public Media - Andrea Seabrook, Host, Weekend All Things Considered - Robert Smith, NPR reporter - Rene Gutel, reporter/producer, KJZZ, B-Side - Rich Baniewicz, WHYY, Philadelphia, PA - Robin Lubbock, WBUR Boston - Rob Paterson, public radio consultant - Rob Sachs, director, Tell Me More - Roman Mars, indie producer/reporter, KALW, Snap Judgment, PRX, Radio Public, ex-Third Coast - Sanden Totten, producer, Minnesota Public Radio's "In the Loop" - Sarah Handel, assistant producer, Talk of the Nation - Scott Bridgewater, NPR Distribution - Sue Schardt, public radio consultant - Steve Laufer, KUSP - Stacy Bond, Consulting Producer of Social Media, KQED/KTEH | Exec Director,AudioLuxe - Steve Brown,  Anchor/Reporter WBUR Boston - Catherine Stifter, independent producer, AIR member, Web/Media Director, - Jerry D'Antonio, Dir. Web Technology, WVIZ/PBS & 90.3 WCPN - Tammy Terwelp, programming, WBEZ Chicago Public Radio - Than Tibbetts, online producer, Minnesota Public Radio - Thomas Broadus, Mississippi Public Broadcasting - Thomas Pierce, producer, Weekend Edition - Tim Eby, General Manager, WOSU, Columbus, OH - Tim Olson, KQED San Francisco - Tony Marcano, Senior Editor, NPR Weekend Edition - Todd Mundt, WFPL 89.3, Louisville, KY - Todd Witter, Producer, Michael Feldman's Whad'Ya Know? - Tom Godell, General Manager, WUKY, Lexington, KY - Tom Scheck, Minnesota Public Radio, political reporter - Tom Weber, Minnesota Public Radio, education reporter - Lars Gotrich, producer, NPR Music - Jake Shapiro, Director, PRX - Clinton Forry, Senior Manager, Interactive Content, PRI - Clark Boyd, technology correspondent & host of the World's Tech Podcast, PRI's The World, Boston. - Wright Bryan, producer, - Angie Tung, Public Interactive/NPR - Jesse Thorn, host, The Sound of Young America - Jose A. Fajardo, CEO, WMFE-FM, Orlando, FL - Julia Barton, former editor, Weekend America




Public Radio Program/Projects Pack - Eight Forty-Eight, WBEZ/Chicago's News and Culture Magazine - The Association of Independents in Radio - All Songs Considered (Bob Boilen) - Around Noon, WCPN's weekday arts & culture program - Feed of lawmaker answers from Capitol News Connection - KQED Public Media's food blog: Culinary Rants & Raves from Bay Area Foodies and Professionals - Bryant Park Project (staff, retired) - NPR Music's A Blog Supreme jazz blog - Bryant Park Project (news feed, retired) Nicole Cabell, Host of Chicago Radio Live, - The Diane Rehm Show - Earth Eats: Real Food, Green Living (producers and WFIU staff) - Ether Game - Your daily dose of musical fun and frustrain (WFIU) -green nail  Hearts of Space news feed - Here on Earth: Radio Without Borders - KQED arts blog and events - Capitol notes: CA Politics from KQED Public Radio and The California Report - KQED Public Media's Food Section - KQED Public Media’s science and environmental coverage from Climate Watch, QUEST and more. - Spark presents Bay Area artists and arts organizations on KQED. - Michiana Chronicles commentary series, WVPE, Elkhart, Indiana - NPR's Monkey See blog (pop culture) - Night Lights Classic Jazz (David Brent Johnson, WFIU) - Not really active yet, but you never know what we'll end up doing with it - The Two-Way, NPR's news blog - NPR's All Things Considered - Experimental mashup that digs through the NPR archives to unearth the backstory on trending topics - Announcements of upcoming NPR events - NPR health coverage - Intern Edition is an on-going project to develop the next generation of radio and multimedia producers. - a rotating group of NPR journalists participating in the NPR/Knight Foundation digital media training program - NPR's library - occasionally used for covering live events, like the Oscars - NPR News breaking news headlines - The Picture Show, NPR's photo blog - NPR Politics: News Coverage and Conversation - NPR's Audience Insight & Research group - NPR Weekend Edition - NPR On Point - The People's Pharmacy - NPR's global economy initiative, Planet Money - PRI's The World - PRI Public Radio International's tweets - New Pieces on PRX, Public Radio Exchange - Pieces bought on PRX, Public Radio Exchange - Public Interactive - NewsRoom - Radio M, music program, WBEZ Chicago Public Radio - The very best of public radio, in blog form - Radio Sweethearts blog - NPR Science Friday - The Sound of Ideas, WCPN's weekday news and affairs program - The Takeaway, morning news, analysis and conversation from PRI and WNYC Radio - Talk of the Nation - A Way with Words, public radio's show about words, language, and how we use them Michael Feldman's Whad'Ya Know? (staff)


Public Radio Station Pack - Alaska Public Radio Network (news feed) - KGSM  Radio at Gustavus Adolphus College - KPBS, San Diego, CA - KPCC 89.3, Southern California - KQED, San Francisco, CA - Canada, Ontario, CA - KSKA, Anchorage, AK - KUED, Salt Lake City, UT - KSMU, Springfield, MO - KVPR/KPRX Fresno/Bakersfield, CA , listen to news about - KWMU, St. Louis, MO Maine Public Broadcasting Network - Minnesota Public Radio, 91.1 KNOW in Minneapolis-St. Paul - New Hampshire Public Radio - Radio K (KUOM), student-run radio station of the University of Minnesota - 89.3 The Current from Minnesota Public Radio Vermont Public Radio - WAMU 88.5, Washington DC - WBUR, Boston - WBEZ Chicago - WEMU 89.1, Ypsilanti, MI - WHYY, Philadelphia, PA - WFIU Bloomington, Indiana - WFIU Arts (David Wood) Bloomington, Indiana - WFPL 89.3, Louisville, KY - WLRN - Miami, FL - WMNF Tampa - WMFE-FM, Orlando, FL - WOSU, Columbus, OH - WTMD 89.7 Towson, MD - Classical Music on West Virginia Public Radio - 90.3 WCPN ideastream, Cleveland, OH - WOUB, Athens, OH - Word of Mouth from New Hampshire Public Radio - Wisconsin Public Television - Wisconsin Public Radio - Web hosting - WUKY, Lexington, KY



Public Television People Pack - Jonathan Coffman, PBS Engage - Lauren Saks, PBS Engage - Jonathan Coffman, PBS Engage - Amy Baroch, PBS Engage  - Jeannine Harvey, PBS Digital Communications - Kevin Dando, PBS Education and Digital Communications - Kristin Calhoun, PBS Station Services - Cameron Nordholm, PBS Video / COVE - Joshua Kinberg, Product Mgr, PBS Video / COVE - Silvia Lovato, PBS KIDS - Nina Walia, PBS KIDS - Joe Miller, PBS Primetime Publicity and Awards - Jalyn Henton, PBS - John Proffitt, formerly with KSKA-FM / KAKM-TV / APRN, now at Gravity Medium Jonathan Archer, ITVS - Devon Tutak, PBS KIDS


Public Television Technology People Pack - Shawn Rider, PBS TeacherLine - Nowell Strite, PBS TeacherLine - Carlo Costino, PBS TeacherLine - Tareque Hossain, PBS TeacherLine


PBS Show Producers and Personalities Pack - Theresa Riley, POV - Catherine Jhee, POV - Simon Kilmurry, POV - Mike Rass, PRI's The World - Tavis Smiley, host, Tavis Smiley Show - Paul Solman, NewsHour business correspondent - Anna Shoup, PBS NewsHour - Anne Bell, PBS NewsHour



Public Television Station Employee Pack - Mike Bauhof, KETC/St. Louis - Ross Rocketto, KETC/St. Louis - Julianne Lamsek, KCTS 9 - Rich Baniewicz, WHYY, Philadelphia, PA - Colleen Wilson, KQED Interactive - Craig Rosa, KQED Quest Don Derheim, KQED, San Francisco - Emily Rowlands, WPSU - Jonathan Butler, VPR Online Manager - Leng Caloh, Convergence Editor, KPBS - Peter Bull, WGBH Online - Joseph Sheppa, Interactive Content Manager, WVIZ/PBS & 90.3 WCPN ideastream - Jerry D'Antonio, WVIZ/PBS & 90.3 WCPN ideastream - Thomas Broadus, Mississippi Public Broadcasting



Public Television Program Pack - PBS NewsHour - POV (Staff Chat and Blog Updates) - WVIZ/PBS ideastream Televised Auction


Public Television Station Pack


KAKM, Anchorage, AK

KCTS, Seattle, WA

KERA, Dallas

KETC, St. Louis, MO

KLRN, San Antonio

KQED, San Francisco, CA

Louisiana Public Broadcasting

Mississippi Public Broadcasting

WHYY, Philadelphia, PA

WPTO/WPTD, Dayton/Oxford, OH

WSRE, Pensacola, FL

KLRU, Austin, TX

OPTV, Springfield, MO

UNCTV, North Carolina

Wisconsin Public TV

WOUB, Athens, OH



Public Media/Social Media People Pack - Andy Carvin, social media strategist at NPR - Adnaan Wasey, multimedia producer, The Takeaway - Adam Schweigert, online director, WFIU - Brady Carlson, webmaster for New Hampshire Public Radio Nicole Cabell, Host of Chicago Radio Live, - Melinda Wittstock, CEO/Bureau Chief, Capitol News Connection and Ask Your Lawmaker - Jonathan Coffman, product manager for social media at PBS - Josh Mull, Contributing Editor for Small World News, Alive in Baghdad - Julia Schrenkler, MPR online producer - Keith Hopper, Public Interactive / NPR - Matthew Tift, Wisconsin Public Radio - Mark Glaser, PBS Media Shift - Nathan Gibbs, Web Producer for KPBS - John Proffitt, Gravity Medium, - Mike Janssen, reporter for Current, blogger atScanning the Dial - Joseph Sheppa, Interactive Content Manager, WVIZ/PBS & 90.3 WCPN ideastream - Matthew Tift, Wisconsin Public Radio online - Page Anne Smith, NPR Project Manager - Stacy Bond, Consulting Producer of Social Media, KQED/KTEH | Executive Director,AudioLuxe - Jessica Clark, Director, Future of Public Media project, - Bob Trondson, Promotion Producer, Wisconsin Public Television - Anula Aboobacker, journalist, The New Indian Express - Angie Tung, Public Interactive/NPR -Freestyle medela tea tree oil toenail fungus



Public Media/Social Media Program Pack - Makers Quests 2.0 from the Association of Independents in Radio - Answers feed from CNC's interactive web widget and service - WETA LD OnLine    

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 PR: wait...  I: wait...  L: wait...  LD: wait...  I: wait... wait...  Rank: wait...  Traffic: wait...  Price: wait...  C: wait... Radyo dinle - PBS Engage, the voice of PBS on Twitter - PBS Media Shift Blog - PBS Teachers - WETA Reading Rockets - WGBH Lab - Inside Islam, a collaboration of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Wisconsin Public Radio